Bramble and Mr Twigg

Bags and cycling accessories

How to care for the bags

These items are handmade using the finest wax cotton, look after them and they will age beautifully. Wax cotton cannot be washed or dry cleaned, you can care for it by brushing off grit, clean stains with a cold damp cloth and do not leave over a radiator. Re wax when necessary, we recommend the capes are re waxed once a year if used very often, during heavy downpours.

If your items arrives marked over where it has been folded, which can happen due to the nature of the fabric, just hang the bag for a while to disperse the oils, you can also rub your hands together to warm them and then rub your palm/ fingers over the marked area.

The bridle leather can be a little stiff in the beginning after a few uses it will soften and develop a  beautiful patina.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


This is one of my favourite machines, it's heavy and very old, using different attachments I can use it to make holes, fit eyelets, press fasteners, and much more.

Whilst it's quite old I was very pleased to found some great tool makers to individually make me all my attachments to fit my machine perfectly, it's such a pleasure to use, what you can't see is the pedal which allows me to use both hands for a greater control.