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Handlebar bags review by total women's cycling

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Here is a lovely review by Total women's cycling a great cycling blog, although the title seems to be geared towards women cyclist, I think it's quite wide ranging, informative and useful to whomever wish to read it, I would totally recommend their weekly newsletter, check it out.

Although there are plenty handlebar bags knocking around they’re not very fashionable or made for carrying light objects.

But we’ve had our eyes peeled for the most stylish handlebar bags, perfect for carrying the bare essentials for a quick trip to the shop and here are our top picks…

  1. Bramble and Mr Twigg Handlebar Bag Provence: £35.99, available from Cycle Chic.
  2. Cyclodelic Handlebar Bag (Hot Pink): £69.00, available from Cyclodelic.
  3. Linus Pouch Bag (Army Green): £22.00, available from Linus.
  4. Goodordering Handlebar Bag (Maroon): £32.00, available from Downtown Rider.
  5. Six Corners Handlebar Bag £29.00, available from Dawns Cycles.


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